5 Important Questions and Answers About Molecular Hydrogen Feb 24,2022.
1. How much hydrogen water should I drink to get the benefits?
It is recommended to drink 2-3 liters of hydrogen water with a hydrogen content of 800-1200 ppb per day for best results.

The question most people who have or want to use molecular hydrogen has is that it takes quantity to effectively affect them positively, and the answer is that there is currently no specific quantity that works for everyone. We generally drink 2-3 liters of molecular hydrogen water with a hydrogen content of 800ppb to 1200ppb every day.

2. Is molecular hydrogen safe to use?
Yes, very safe. Molecular hydrogen as an antioxidant supplement has no unpleasant side effects because when H2 neutralizes free radicals, the by-product is water.

Hydrogen-rich water is a typical water containing decomposed hydrogen. For example, there is carbonated water or beverages, which contain dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2), or oxygenated water, which contains decomposed oxygen (O2). Alternatively, you can use water with dissolved hydrogen.

3. How to take Molecular Hydrogen?

 There are various ways to ingest molecular hydrogen, including saline injections, inhalation, hydrogen tablets, hydrogen water bags, and hydrogen water generators. Hydrogen molecule foot bath, bath.

4. Does intake of molecular hydrogen also aid digestion?
Yes, of course, it helps our body flush out toxins, detoxify, and eliminate free radical damage. Studies have shown a 4% increase in hydration levels, lower blood lactate levels, and exercise-induced muscle damage compared to regular water after a single use. Functional decline has been improved. Due to the high permeability and solubility of hydrogen, drinking hydrogen water is ideal for detoxification. It helps dissolve and flush out the acidic solid waste and toxins that build up in the body.
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