A healthy life with hydrogen 2021-09-06
At present, many studies have proved the protective effect of hydrogen inhalation on cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's disease, lung injury, kidney injury, tumor-assisted intervention, and sleep improvement.

1. In 2007, a study by Professor Ota Naruo from Japan and other studies confirmed that inhalation of 2% hydrogen can significantly improve cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats. It is also this research that has opened up the world's extensive exploration of hydrogen molecular medicine.

2. There are population studies that prove that hydrogen inhalation as an auxiliary means can reduce the risk of death from cerebral ischemia. In July 2017, Professor Fuji Ono Hirohisa Ono from Juntendo University published the latest clinical study. A number of clinical indicators showed that hydrogen has an intervening effect on cerebral ischemia. Research results show that hydrogen inhalation has significant effects on brain tissue recovery, neurological function improvement and quality of life in patients with acute cerebral ischemia;

3. A number of studies have found that hydrogen inhalation can calm the nervous system and relieve stress. Resists depression tendency and significantly improves the sleep problems of cancer patients;

4. Inhalation of hydrogen gas can help patients with myocardial infarction improve heart function and reduce the problem of cardiac malformation in the stable phase after rescue. The Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University gave experimental animals hydrogen inhalation and found that hydrogen can reduce the area of myocardial necrosis by regulating the endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy of myocardial cells during ischemia-reperfusion injury;

5. Some population studies have found that hydrogen inhalation can reduce the inflammatory response during haze exposure and protect the respiratory system. A study of hydrogen inhalation by sanitation workers in Shijiazhuang City, a major city of smog pollution in Hebei Province, initially confirmed that hydrogen can alleviate the respiratory tract inflammation caused by smog;

6. Inhalation of hydrogen can prevent the occurrence of chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema caused by smoking and improve the respiratory function of patients. A study on "Protective Effect of Inhalation of High Concentration of Hydrogen on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Rats" showed that inhalation of high concentration of hydrogen can improve emphysema, chronic bronchitis, small airway remodeling and decreased lung function in mice caused by smoking. effect;

7. Studies have proved that hydrogen can relieve brain aging, prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's, and can also curb the deterioration of Alzheimer's disease. Long-term hydrogen intake may also reverse the severity of Alzheimer's disease. The well-known hydrogen medical scholar Sergej Ostojic from Serbia observes that hydrogen inhalation can improve the cognitive function of the elderly. The research shows that hydrogen inhalation can improve the cognitive ability of the elderly and has intervention value for the cognitive impairment of the elderly;

8. Many studies have confirmed that hydrogen can improve various organ damages (heart, brain, kidney, etc.) caused by hypoxia. Evidence from population studies has also found that the number and duration of sleep apnea are reduced after hydrogen inhalation every day;

9. A number of studies have found that hydrogen inhalation can reduce the side effects of tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and long-term hydrogen inhalation can inhibit tumor cell proliferation and metastasis. Many cases have indeed proved that tumor metastasis is suppressed, and the living conditions of tumor patients have been fundamentally changed. and many more.

At present, hydrogen is the only edible antioxidant that can penetrate the cell membrane to reach the nucleus and has a selective antioxidant effect. The benefits of hydrogen absorption are many. It is health care, disease intervention and prevention, and avoids or blocks the development of major diseases.

Nowadays, many cancer patients, diabetics, stroke patients, rhinitis patients, and Alzheimer's patients have begun to try to absorb hydrogen to regulate their bodies, and many healthy people also use hydrogen to maintain their health. We also hope that hydrogen can help more people enjoy a healthy life.

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