Academician Zhong Nanshan | Hydrogen Molecular Medicine is an emerging discipline 2021-08-21
In March 2020, the official website of China's National Health Commission released the "Seventh Edition New Coronary Pneumonia Treatment Plan", which officially included hydrogen therapy as a conditioning method. This indicates that hydrogen has a conditioning effect on pneumonia and is the only "drug" that has no side effects. This move also aroused public curiosity about hydrogen conditioning, and brought the hydrogen health industry based on hydrogen conditioning to the forefront.

In my country, there are currently 12 academicians in the field of hydrogen health participating in the research. One of the most representative figures is Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. On April 16, 2017, when he participated in the "Hydrogen Molecular Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases" satellite conference of the World Thoracic Congress, he said that molecular hydrogen medicine is an emerging discipline. In view of the excellent antioxidant effects of hydrogen molecules, especially its High selectivity, high dispersibility and high safety have received wide attention.

The metabolite of hydrogen in the body is water, without any side effects. Whether it is drinking hydrogen water or hydrogen inhalation therapy, the method is simple, effective and inexpensive, and is based on the "causal treatment" rather than symptomatic treatment based on the balance of intracellular metabolism, so it has a wide range of indications. Simple, effective, and cheap hydrogen medicine will play an important role in the treatment of chronic diseases and improve the health of the whole people, and it is a practitioner of Healthy China 2030.

By drinking hydrogen molecules, you can complete the intake of hydrogen molecules, prevent illness beforehand, and improve your health. It is especially suitable for daily health intervention and disease prevention for the general public after the epidemic. According to relevant market research in Japan, it is estimated that China's hydrogen health industry will exceed RMB 30 billion in 2025, and it will be an important part of the health sector.
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