An American Family Physician's Views on Hydrogen Medicine Apr 14,2022.
A friend from California in the United States sent an email to inquire about hydrogen medicine. His mother is 90 years old. She does not have common chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, but she does not sleep well and wakes up several times every night. After using the hydrogen machine for the elderly, sleep has improved a lot, and the number of waking up has decreased from 3-4 times in the past to less than 1-2 times. He did not understand this phenomenon very much, so he consulted friends in China to find my address, and later contacted by email I.

He asked me some questions, one of which was is hydrogen really good for human health? Because he asked the American family doctor about this question, the family doctor said that he had never heard that hydrogen can cure diseases, but he knew that hydrogen could burn and explode, so it was dangerous to use hydrogen. Why is it so much better to sleep and wake up after only a few days of inhaling hydrogen? The family doctor smiled and said it was the placebo effect. Later, this friend contacted Professor Nicolson, who is studying hydrogen medicine. (Dr. Nicolson said that water-based hydrogen can turn on genes to fight inflammation and promote healing. He said that hydrogen therapy is not popular in US. Most of clinical trials are done in Japan, China, Korea, and EU. His lab conducted a clinical trial on Izumio water (hydrogen water) from Japan. He said he would share some of his research findings with me. )

American medical care is very developed, especially its medical education and the level of general doctors are world-class. The opinion of American family doctors is worth paying attention to, which roughly reflects the awareness of hydrogen medicine in the international medical community. The doctor's misconceptions about hydrogen medicine illustrate how little hydrogen medicine is understood in the mainstream medical system. Although Professor Nicolson explained that this is because the hydrogen medical research, especially the clinical research, is mostly conducted in Japan and China, the United States has relatively few hydrogen medical research, and the hydrogen health products in the United States are not very common. Ordinary people, including doctors, have an understanding of this concept. Lower is normal. This shows that in order to make hydrogen medicine play a full role and attract more scholars to participate in the research of this topic, further efforts are still needed to promote it.

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