Antioxidant Sword - Hydrogen 2022-05-26

On February 3,2016, the CCTV Discovery Travel Channel Health Base broadcast a scientific documentary titled "the sword against oxidation -- rich in hydrogen", the important role of hydrogen-rich water in resisting oxidation and maintaining human health was explained in detail. For a time, "Hydrogen-rich water" has become a "new favorite" of People's health care.

How amazing is hydrogen rich water?

In 1998, the TV Asahi debuted an episode of the cure all -- the Magic Water of Truth, a series of shows called finding out the truth, the show reported that the water in the caves of Nordenau, Germany, has the magical effect of curing many diseases. Scientists are constantly studying whether it's the Lourdes Spring in France, or the spring in Nordenau, or the small town of water well in Toracte, Mexico, which is not very different from ordinary springs, the only big difference is that their water is so high in hydrogen that it is 0.35 by 10-6 ppm, compared with almost nothing in normal water.

What exactly is hydrogen-rich water?

1. Hydrogen-rich water, as the name implies, is rich in hydrogen gas water, in Japan called "water element water.".

2. Hydrogen is a colorless gas with a lower density than air. Of all the gases, hydrogen is the least dense. It has a low solubility. The invention of nano-gas-liquid mixing technology overcomes the problem that hydrogen is difficult to dissolve in water. The method of producing hydrogen-rich water is to make water evenly envelop hydrogen molecules and make hydrogen and water combine stably. The utility model has the advantages of high hydrogen concentration and good stability.

Application of hydrogen-rich water

1. Although hydrogen-rich water is not symptomatic treatment, but because of the role of hydrogen gas to remove and reduce the cause of disease, so many diseases people drinking hydrogen-rich water is very likely to gain benefits.

2. Because hydrogen gas has the function of scavenging reactive oxygen free radicals, long-term drinking by healthy people may play a role in preventing diseases.

3. For the hydrogen-rich water to have a scientific and prudent attitude, hydrogen-rich water is not medicine, especially for the disease population, to clinical treatment, supplemented by hydrogen-rich water.

4. Hydrogen-rich water needs a conditioning process, because there are individual differences, each person's degree of feeling and acting time may be different.

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