Do you know about hydrogen inhalers? Feb 8,2023.
Understanding the hydrogen molecule

Hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule in nature, it can quickly spread to the whole body within a short time of inhalation, penetrate the cell membrane and reach the mitochondria

Hydrogen molecules can scavenge free radicals that cause aging and help repair cell damage caused by free radicals.

Hydrogen molecules is beneficial for delaying aging, beauty, improving constipation, and 62 diseases verified by clinical and animal experiments. Hydrogen is called the health revolution of this century and is a high-quality supplement for maintaining health.

  • Stylish and simple appearance, small and portable, surface frosted stone processing technology, non-slip and wear-resistant, and enhance texture。
  • One machine with multiple functions, 150ML/min, 99.99% purity, the outlet is equipped with a nano-hydrogen dissolving rod, can produce high-concentration hydrogen-rich water.
  • Zero additives: no need to add any electrolyte or electrolyte.
  • Simple operation: inject distilled water or purified water, turn on with one button.
  • Imported core material: imported SPE proton membrane double-sided platinum coating, safe and efficient, long life.
  • Hydrogen and oxygen separation technology: SPE hydrogen and oxygen separation electrolysis technology, high-efficiency electrolysis, stable gas output.
  • Intelligent detection reminder function: water quality TDS monitoring, water shortage reminder, overheat reminder, fault reminder.
  • Timing function: 2 hours/3 hours working time can be set, and automatic shutdown is completed.
  • Intelligent heat dissipation system: overheating protection device, intelligent heat dissipation system, lower noise, and achieve a perfect inhalation experience.

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