New Product-Micro Bubble Beauty Blackhead Cleansing Aqua Peeling Instrument Feb 24,2023.

Micro bubble beauty instrument It is a newly upgraded personal care product for clean and healthy skin. Through physical water circulation mode, it can deeply clean skin pores, effectively improve blackhead and skin oil secretion, soften cuticle, clean aging cutin, and supplement moisture and nutrition for pores. Breaking the traditional skin cleaning concept, the super micro bubbles directly act on the skin through the combination of special high-density spiral silica gel suction head and water circulation handle, which can deeply penetrate the effective ingredients in the cleaning solution and deeply clean the skin. With the design concept of family health beauty salon, this product can enjoy the same skin care experience as beauty salon at home. The portable design with small volume and light weight does not occupy space and is convenient to use anytime and anywhere.

6 functions of small bubbles

Clear acne, folliculitis, mites, skin allergies
Remove blackheads, shrink pores, increase skin clarity
Deeply cleanses, hydrates and replenishes skin
Improve skin dullness, dark yellow, skin texture
Skin care, cosmetics introduction
face lifting

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