If you feel tired even if you take a rest or not work, try using a hydrogen inhaler to improve! 2022-06-02
The published clinical trials of hydrogen absorption are as follows:

1: For 17 healthy women in their 20s and 30s living in Tokyo or its suburbs (for young people)

2: For 20 healthy men and women in their 60s and 70s living in Tokyo or its suburbs (for the elderly)

3: For Kashima Antlers FC youth team (U18) players (for athletes)

That is, "for young people", "for the elderly", "for athletes", the clinical trials conducted in these three categories are different.

The content for young people is mainly about fatigue, brain stress, sympathetic and parasympathetic functions, etc., and observe what effect it has on the body.

Content for older adults is primarily concerned with cognitive function, and is a matter of brain fatigue, activity, and physical function. See what happens in the flicker test and blood work before and after hydrogen inhalation.

Athlete-oriented content is changes in physical function and motor visual acuity.

The frequency of hydrogen inhalation is 5 minutes per inhalation. The amount of hydrogen ingested into the body is prescribed to be about 40cc, and the collected data was published using comprehensive physiological technology. In addition, an application was submitted and approved by a third-party institutional ethics review committee, and the subjects were informed of the content in advance and signed an informed consent form. It can be said that the experimental results are quite reliable.

Lessons Learned from Young People's Hydrogen Experiments

From the hydrogen inhalation experiment for young people, I learned that fatigue, stress, and boredom are reduced.

The test results of Kashima Antlers youth team (U18) players after hydrogen inhalation showed that not only in physical function, but dynamic visual acuity increased by 32%. It seems that for athletes with excellent physical function and dynamic visual acuity, hydrogen absorption can make them perform better.

Cognitive function and physical performance were also improved in clinical trials with older adults. Physical abilities such as visual field, hearing, skin sensation, finger movement, and knee movement improved slightly. In contrast, left and right cognitive function and short-term memory increased dramatically.

The clinical results of hydrogen absorption this time demonstrate the effectiveness of hydrogen absorption. Different hydrogen inhalers have different hydrogen production and how much hydrogen can be inhaled. Also, the effect varies by concentration, how much and how much hydrogen is produced seems to depend on how much effect you expect.

However, even a small amount of us has an effect on cognitive function and physical function, and from this point of view, it can be said that even just 5 minutes of hydrogen inhalation is effective. It is often heard that the hydrogen inhalation experience takes about 30 minutes. In fact, the effect of experience lies in persistence. The important thing is to breathe hard!

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