Oral ulcers remember to drink hydrogen water 2022-06-06

The Biomedical Research Institute of Preventive Stomatology, Graduate School of Tokushima University, Japan published a paper in Oxid Med Cell Longev., proving that the effect of hydrogen water on wound healing is the process of restoring the structural and functional integrity of injured tissue, pro-inflammatory cytokines, growth factors and oxidation Stress plays an important role in the wound healing process. This study suggests that hydrogen water has a therapeutic effect on oral ulcers.

In the study, mice were randomly divided into two groups, hydrogen-rich water and distilled water, to compare the wound healing speed of the two groups. The results showed that drinking hydrogen water can promote the healing speed of oral wounds, activate the tissue Nrf2 pathway, increase antioxidant activity, and inhibit systemic oxidative stress. Hydrogen-rich water intake can also reduce the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines and improve the healing of rat palate tissue. related gene expression.

In conclusion, hydrogen-rich water can improve the speed of wound healing by enhancing the tissue's endogenous antioxidant system, reducing oxidative damage and inflammatory response.

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