Sdyfu Ionic Detox Foot Bath Dec 16,2022.
The incredible technology of Sdyfu Ionic Detox produces electrically charged, dynamic electrons. These charged electrons are absorbed into the body in a water bath through the feet (osmosis). This process then allows toxins to be pulled out of the body at the cellular level, improving overall mind and body function afterwards!

The benefits of doing so include;
- lose weight
– Improves skin health
– Better gut health (helps eliminate candida/parasites)
– Mood improves
– better sleep
– Improve immune function
– increase energy
– relieve pain
– Feeling calmer and less stressed
and more! ! !

Our bodies are so overwhelmed every day! Due to our air, food, water, cosmetics, cleaning products, chemicals/pesticides being exposed in and around our homes, workplaces, schools - by reducing our toxic burden, our bodies/minds can function optimally, So we can enjoy better health and vitality.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, implanted pacemakers or electronic devices, open wounds on feet, or organ transplants. Children ages 5-11 will determine activity times based on their weight.

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